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7 Day FREE Mini Aerial Yoga Goddess Training

Calling all Aerial Yoga Instructors, Enthusiasts and Light Workers! Want to uplevel your life and business and feel STUCK when it comes to technology, social media and creating a movement? Let me show you HOW. I have been working with 100's of brands and coaches to help their MOVEMENT MOVE! Join us and watch the magic unfold in your life and business!!
What you can expect from COMPLETING this training:
  • How to live a life that is in alignment with what you teach. WALK THE WALK!
  • Ways to market your business to the perfect clients so you are feeling fulfilled everyday DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. 
  • To bust through money blocks and open up to LIVING CREATIVELY. Stop making money your obstacle and use it to SERVE THE WORLD!
  • How to create a movement with social media and provide VALUE, as well as RESULTS to your students. 
  • A formula that works for any business to go from scraping pennies to building the framework for a 6 figure business. 
Kerri Colaiocco

"I LOVE your 7 day mini training Margie, the guided meditations are amazing and so uplifting, the PDF's that you have are encouraging and motivating, and the tutorials are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge with us and the world xoxo"


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This training is for anyone interested in Aerial Yoga and works in the LIGHT WORKING world. It will help you become consistent in your practice, lifestyle, message and business. It will help you get clear on your purpose, offerings, and services. It will help you target your ideal clients and attract them easily. You will be able to provide value and results so that you feel fulfilled and NOT BURNT OUT. It gives you the tools to manifest money so you can work creatively and give back to the world in a massive way!

Day 1

▽Kundalini Flowering Guided Meditation ▽Aerial Yoga Goddess Booty Tutorial ▽Embrace Your Truth and Fly - a guide to getting clear on your mission, purpose and setting SMART GOALS!

Day 2

▽Kundalini Glow with the Flow Guided Meditation ▽Aerial Yoga Goddess Mermaid Tutorial ▽Branding with Soul - By Telling Your Story, You GIVE OTHERS PERMISSION TO HEAL!

Day 3

▽Kundalini Ego Eradicator Guided Meditation ▽Aerial Yoga Goddess Flips & Tricks Tutorial ▽Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe - Target Market Mastery and Finding Your Ideal Clients!

Day 4

▽Kundalini Roaring in Your Goddess Guided Meditation ▽Aerial Yoga Goddess Awesome Morning Tutorial ▽Money & Gratitude - Raise Your Net Worth & Have a Millionaire Mindset! Get Paid to DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

Day 5

▽Kundalini Be the Light Guided Meditation ▽Aerial Yoga Goddess Shoulders Tutorial ▽Creating a Movement - Providing Your Students Value and Results

Day 6

▽Kundalini Yoga Buzz Guided Meditation ▽Aerial Yoga Goddess Splits Tutorial ▽Social Media Marketing - Reach more people and connect with your TRIBE!!!

Day 7

▽Kundalini Release Drama Guided Meditation ▽Aerial Yoga Goddess Heart Chakra Tutorial ▽Make This Shit Happen! - GET IT DONE GODDESSES!

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You might be thinking... why the heck should I listen to you, Margie Pargie? 

I have been teaching Aerial Yoga full time for over 4 years now. I have opened 3 aerial yoga studios and the only marketing I use is social media.  I fill my classes, workshops, and trainings around the WORLD through fun, fresh and high quality content on Facebook and Instagram. I have built a global following of aerial yogis through many social media outlets by hosting challenges, giveaways and out of the box marketing. I travel to teach this training LIVE in studios all over the world. In my free time, I attend retreats around the globe and mastermind with some of the top online entrepreneurs in this industry. I recently went to Italy to participate in a business training hosted by a member of Forbes Under 30. I sold out my first retreat in less than 48 hours and brought in $13,000+. I have worked with many online businesses and coaches to launch products and trainings that fuel this spiritual movement. After focusing on Pinterest for only a few months, I grew my monthly reach to over 1 million viewers. I am a content machine! One of my biggest realizations is that you don't need 100K followers to make a living. You just need a handful of dedicated students and a solid message you believe in. I have been a professional model, spokesmodel and brand ambassador for over 10 years. I went to school for Broadcast Journalism and left college to blog 6 years ago! Why? Because there is so much more freedom and opportunity. My YouTube channel is reaching all corners of the Earth because of this simple formula. I know how to create pictures and videos that look professional. I sold my studio and I am now a full time online nomad entrepreneur, travelling the world to connect with amazing aerial yoga goddesses.  I am here to help you GO BIGGER and this is the only reason I jump out of bed excited in the morning. I am creating a movement to make Aerial Yoga MAINSTREAM! If you are an aerial yoga teacher, light worker, massage therapist, personal trainer or studio owner that wants to create on a more massive scale, this is your chance!


Margie Pargie

This is not your typical Yoga Teacher Training, this is a lifestyle, business and social media training. This does not certify you to be a yoga teacher. I am not affiliated with the yoga alliance. This is not for someone who wants to become an instructor, but rather someone who wants to take their business to the next level. This is also great for someone who is an entrepreneur that wants to start dabbling in the aerial yoga world as a way to heal. If you would like to go ahead and take the leap and join my 8 week Aerial Yoga Goddess Training, click here