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Learn new aerial yoga sequences and how to slay your life and business like a BOSS! 

Do you feel uninspired with your sequences and need NEW moves? We will get to the core of what drives you in your life to teach. This will attract your perfect students. Learn techniques to make aerial yoga look less intimidating so that more people will try it. Mudras, meditations, community building exercises and safety tips are included in these sequences to bring you a well-rounded curriculum. There will be 8 full hours of aerial yoga to teach in your classes. You will get access as soon as you sign up!
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Do you want to have a BIGGER impact on this world? Do you want to write a book about aerial? Do you want to start selling e-products or create a YouTube channel that people actually watch? Do you want a growing Instagram account so you can attract your perfect students to your classes, workshops, retreats, private lessons, but you have no idea where to start with technology? You have a growing account, but now you want to CAPITALIZE on your efforts with social media. PERFECT. There is no better time than right now to commit to your dreams of going FULL-TIME in aerial yoga! Let's do this!
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The Outline

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Lifestyle, Money, Purpose
Intro to Aerial Yoga
Hatha Philosophy
Branding with Soul
Aerial Power Flow
Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe
Target Market Mastery
Chakra Aerial Yoga
Kundalini, Mudras and Yogi Bhajan’s Philosophy
I am a Content Creator
Mastering High Quality Online Content
How to Sequence an Aerial Yoga Class from Your Heart
Improv and Motivational Speaking
Your Big Launch
Fill Your Classes and Workshops with this Formula
Aerial Flexibility
Social Media Marketing
Flips & Tricks
How to Create an Inspiring Online Presence
Aerial Zen
Sequence with the hammock down low
Keeping the Flow
Keep the positive momentum!
Partner Aerial Yoga
Assists and doubles
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Here is how I can help...

I will help you get CLEAR ON YOUR GOAL, the big picture and WHO you want to teach. I will help you choose one goal and crush it. I will teach you amazing techniques to think BIGGER. I will help you fill your classes, workshops and retreats! I will give you confidence in tech skills to figure out social media and that's where your perfect clients are hanging out. I will give you a step-by-step instruction of the social media platforms so you can attract your perfect clients. I have a simple game plan to follow so you can provide the most VALUE and RESULTS to your students.

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  • You feel organized, know your mission and jump out of bed with energy to take on the world.

  • You teach a few classes per week to EAGER STUDENTS ready to learn from you.

  • You teach a few workshops per month. The class is packed because you marketed it to EXACTLY who is interested in what you are teaching.

  • You receive compensation at lease once per month for photoshoots in exotic locations. Your sponsors absolutely adore you and you LOVE to rep this amazing brand on social media. BONUS: Your friends get to join you.

  • You spend a maximum of 6 hours per week reaching your students online.

  • You just finalized plans to travel to Greece this summer to teach a private retreat. You made thousands of dollars because you marketed it well.

  • You feel completely in the flow, sharing your story and experiences with your audience because you are focused on your mission.

  • You have a daily aerial yoga practice that you are excited for and share this journey with aerial yogis across the world.

  • You meditate every single day and only take inspired action towards your dreams.

  • The quality of your posts are the best of the best because you invested in learning how to do it right.

  • You are getting paid to make YouTube videos that grow your reach and are helping people all around the world.

  • You finally opened that yoga studio, wrote that book or booked that performance you have been wanting to do forever.

  • You connect deeply with your students and learn from them as much as they learn from you.

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A little bit about me...


I have been teaching Aerial Yoga full time for over 4 years now. I have opened 3 aerial yoga studios and the only marketing I use is social media. I fill my classes through fun, fresh and high quality content on Facebook and Instagram. I have built a global following of aerial yogis through many social media outlets by hosting challenges, giveaways and out of the box marketing. I travel to teach this training LIVE in studios all over the world. In my free time, I attend retreats around the globe and mastermind with some of the top online entrepreneurs in this industry. I recently went to Italy to participate in a business training hosted by a member of Forbes Under 30. I sold out my first retreat in less than 48 hours and brought in $13,000+. I have worked with many online businesses and coaches to launch products and trainings that fuel this spiritual movement. After focusing on Pinterest for only a few months, I grew my monthly reach to over 1 million viewers. I am a content machine! One of my biggest realizations is that you don't need 100K followers to make a living. You just need a handful of dedicated students and a solid message you believe in. I have been a professional model, spokesmodel and brand ambassador for over 10 years. I went to school for Broadcast Journalism and left college to blog 6 years ago! Why? Because there is so much more freedom and opportunity. My YouTube channel is reaching all corners of the Earth because of this simple formula. I know how to create pictures and videos that look professional. I am here to help you GO BIGGER. I am creating a movement to make Aerial Yoga MAINSTREAM! If you are an aerial yoga teacher, light worker, massage therapist, personal trainer or studio owner that wants to create on a more massive scale, this is your chance!

“I could not be more grateful to have found you, Margie. I have never been around such a positive, supportive group of strong, beautiful women before. This training has changed my life in ways I never dreamed of. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this training and into us. I am a better person because of you and this training. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” 



This Training is RETIRING! 50% OFF!!!! 

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